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Not happy with your sagging, we have a solution for you, Radio Frequency is one of the best treatment for face and body shaping and is the only non-surgical and medically proven alternative to face-lift and liposuction.

RF Radio Frequency is making waves in the beauty industry. A device that uses internal heat that penetrates deep into the second layer the dermis. Radio Frequency is the new non-surgical procedure that gives men and women an alternative to surgical face lifts. The process tightens your skin by contracting the deed layers of the skin. The FDA’S approval to the procedures wide spread use,Doctors and clinicians use RF Radio Frequency on patient to iron out wrinkles and reduce sagging skin. The face is the place to use Radio Frequency. However, it is a good treatment anywhere there is loose skin also good to treat stretch marks on the abdomen.

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Radio Frequency & Skin Tightening (RF Bipolar) Treatment
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Skin tightening (radio frequency) + Ultrasonic Cavitation + Lymphatic dreinage


Facial Skin Tightening


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