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Is a modern method of treating facial skin with medical ozone which has a powerful rejuvenating action owing to its strong oxidative properties.

Ozone is a unique agent preserving and restoring the natural beauty and health of skin. Ozone therapy does not mask defects of skin, but normalizes its natural functions and stimulates its own work.The mechanism of action of ozone can be demonstrated on the example of its use within a complex program for skin rejuvenescence. Aging at the level of epidermis is induced by inhibition of proliferous cell division, exhaustion of epidermis, increase in keratin layer, decrease in elasticity and increase in residual epidermis deformation (“crow’s-foot”), formation of deeper wrinkles. Skin functions properly and looks young only in case of proper trophism and division of epidermis cells. The natural mechanism of cell trophism is realized by means of tissue liquid, lymph and blood plasma.

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